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Our Story.

West Indies Radiology Outsourcing Limited (WIROL) is the first teleradiology company in the English-speaking Caribbean and is designed to meet the region’s unique medical industry. Since 2005, WIROL has been offering integrated teleradiology services to renowned medical institutions and practitioners, providing reliable services and expertise to meet their specific needs.

WIROL provides a complete suite of solutions. This includes On-site Radiology Services, Consultancy Services, and our premier Teleradiology service. Our services are designed to improve the quality of patient care by increasing the efficiencies of physicians who provide it. With this in mind, we pride ourselves on maintaining competitive prices and meeting our 24/7/365 coverage guarantee.

"Accessibility with Accuracy" is how we describe our core strength. We attribute the consistent quality of our work to the excellence of our team, all of whom operate at a world-class standard. Our team is always available for free scheduled consultations.


Our team are here to help your organisation maximise your efficiency.

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