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Since completing his residency in 2005, Dr. Sundeep Shah, a founding member and senior imaging partner of WIROL, has been a consultant and lecturer at the University of the West Indies (UWI). Having been published in several peer-reviewed medical journals, Dr. Shah has proven to be an integral part of the UWI training program. Dr. Shah is a recipient of the prestigious Gold Medal Award for his outstanding results in the Fellowship Exam of the Royal College of Radiologists in the UK. He was also fellowship-trained in Abdominal Imaging at the University of Michigan, USA. Apart from his diagnostic skills, Dr. Shah is also one of the most active interventional radiologists in Jamaica. He also has a particular interest in gastrointestinal, hepatobiliary, pancreatic, and genitourinary radiology.

Dr. Sundeep Shah


Dr. Peter Johnson, an avid academic, has published over 30 articles in medical and radiology journals. Starting off his career teaching Integrated Science, Biology and Chemistry at his Alma Mater Cornwall College, it is only natural that he is still lecturing and was selected to head the training programme for the Doctorate of Medicine in Radiology at UWI from 2008 - 2011. Dr. Johnson has dedicated 10+ years to the UWI Radiology programme and has received additional expertise through training at the Queen’s Medical Center University and Nottingham City Hospital, both in the UK. He has also dedicated himself to improving radiology standards through various initiatives including, organizing and implementing the first double screening mammography service in Jamaica, organizing the first breast clinic in Jamaica and the development of interventional radiology services at the University Hospital..

Dr. Peter Johnson


Dr. Donald Ellis

Dr. Donald Ellis is one of WIROL’s most experienced members. Just prior to achieving his Doctorate of Medicine in Radiology in 2009, he spent a year in Nottingham, UK, where he developed his skills in multiple subspecialties of Radiology. His passion, however, lies in Interventional Radiology. Having risen through the ranks of the Radiology fraternity, Dr. Ellis has expanded his consultancy across much of the island. He served as Consultant Radiologist and Head of the Radiology Department during his tenure at Cornwall Regional Hospital ending in 2014. During this period, he also took on the role of an Associate Lecturer for the University of the West Indies. He worked at many other private facilities in the region. On his return to Kingston in 2014, he served as a consultant in the Department of Radiology at the University Hospital of the West Indies for a year, subsequent to which he transitioned to full-time private practice service with WIROL. Dr. Ellis is also a member of the Radiological Society of America, the American College of Radiologists, the British Institute of Radiology and the Jamaica Association of Radiologists. He enjoys travelling and is an avid motorsports enthusiast.


Dr. Michael Sealy joined the WIROL team in 2018 following the successful completion of his Radiology residency programme at the University of the West Indies, Mona in 2018. The recipient of a Barbados scholarship, Dr. Sealy also undertook a four-month training period at the University Hospitals Birmingham in 2017, rotating across multiple specialities. He has developed a keen interest in hepatobiliary, gastrointestinal and pancreatic radiology. Dr. Sealy is a member of the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) and the Jamaica Association of Radiologists.

Dr. Michael Sealy


Dr. Christina Bennett-Barnett, pursued her first degree in Medicine at the University of the West Indies, earning her MBBS in 2012 before pursuing postgraduate studies in radiology. She then completed her radiology residency at the University Hospital of the West Indies in Kingston, Jamaica. She has a keen interest in neuroradiology and aims to pursue a fellowship in this area. She has been active in organized medicine for many years and is currently a member of the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA), the Caribbean Society of Radiologists (CSR) and is currently the Secretary of the Jamaica Association of Radiologists (JAR). When not working, Dr. Bennett-Barnett enjoys traveling and reading.

Dr. Christina Bennett-Barnett


Dr. Brian Ying graduated from Florida Atlantic University with a Master of Arts in Biology in 1992. He subsequently attended the University of the West Indies where he graduated with a Doctorate in Radiology in 2006. He has served in various posts at the Jamaica Association of Radiologists including President. He is also a President's Circle member of the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA). His interests include chess, track and field (gold medalist National High School Boys Championship), singing and playing the piano.

Dr. Brian Ying


Dr. Mellanie Didier

Dr. Mellanie Didier, is St. Lucian born with strong Jamaican roots.


She completed both her undergraduate and postgraduate medical training  at the University of the West Indies. This time included electives at both the Queens Medical Centre & City Hospital Nottingham, UK in General Radiology with a focus on PET, GI and Neuroradiology Imaging and an elective at the Miller School of Medicine, University of Miami in Nuclear Medicine.


Immediately on completion of her post graduate training she was appointed as a Consultant in the Department of Radiology at the University Hospital of the West Indies. She has also completed a Fellowship in Nuclear Medicine at The Royal Liverpool, Broadgreen and Aintree Trust in Liverpool UK with Prof S. Vinjamuri. With this training she works as a Consultant in Radiology at the University Hospital of the West Indies and in Private Practice. 

Dr. Didier sees the practice of Medicine as both an Art and a Science. It is therefore an important part of her ethos that the patient’s emotional needs must be as paramount an aspect of the Doctor/Patient interaction as the scientific information which is given. 


Though she is a sedulous Radiologist/ Nuclear Radiologist she also describes herself as an Audiophile and aspiring Foodie.

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