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Serving the industry for over 14 years

We Provide

  • Routine Coverage

  • Emergency After-Hours Coverage

  • Emergency Day-Time Coverage

  • Overflow and Backlog Reporting

  • Sub-Specialty Reporting

We Work With

  • Hospitals 

  • Imaging Centres 

  • Clinics

  • Health Centers

  • Private Practices

Our Advantages

  • Meticulous Quality Assurance

  • Experienced Medical Leadership

  • Controlled Cost

  • Competitive Turnaround-time

  • IT Excellence

  • 24/7/365 Technical Support


Technology has been critical to our growth and impact. WIROL provides clients with a PACS that not only connects us to your radiology facility but functions as an intelligent server that manages, stores, compresses, encrypts and distributes imaging orders, studies and reports. A rules-based engine routes images and manages data, providing flexibility for long-term storage, web viewing, and distribution.

Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS)

WIROL can help you with your PACS needs by providing unlimited access to your medical images, and medical records. Our cloud servers offer the storage of all case records including imaging and reports within a secure system.


Records are available from anywhere 24/7/365. Our PACS solutions are designed for each client's needs to create an efficient operational workflow model that delivers fast report turnaround. Our clients benefit from a completely digital workflow – no paperwork to fax, or images to re-send multiple times, and reports can be accessed via our portal.


Our radiologists are always available for consultation and practice a proactive approach to communicating with clients. WIROL provides 24/7 responsive support.

Emergency Radiology Coverage

Our teleradiology services are provided according to your needs; therefore you gain all the flexibility you need if and when necessary. WIROL's radiologists are available 7 days a week, 24 hours per day, 365 days per year allowing you coverage after hours, when there is an overflow of studies, or filling the coverage void due to vacation schedules, holidays, or weekends.



Technology has been critical to our growth and impact. The secret behind our successful system is the PACS and RIS platforms. The software is not only the bridge between WIROL and your radiology site, but functions as an intelligent server that manages, stores, compresses, encrypts and distributes imaging orders, studies and reports. A rules-based engine routes images and manages data, providing flexibility for short-term storage, web viewing and distribution.

WIROL utilizes a secure encrypted VPN Tunnel or Local Gateway Server for each client allowing unlimited routing of images. WIROL also has strong security mechanisms and protocols in place to protect data security and information.

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